Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A piece of useless crap that is more important to me because I read it in print before I saw it online

Dan Savage is a sex advice columnist. In his Feb 28 2007 "Savage Love" column in the Village Voice (I'm too lazy to find the online version), he chastised a reader for fantasizing about Anna Nicole Simpson now that she's dead. I think he was wrong to fantasize about her before she was dead, but that's just me. In doing so, Savage listed some random dead people. Whenever I think of a random dead person I think of Abraham Lincoln - just a lazy habit from my youth. Dan's list made me laugh out loud. Here it is out of context 'cause I'm blogging, not writing for the New York Times:
Which is why no one beats off to James Dean or River Phoenix or Marilyn Monroe or Mary Todd Lincoln without feeling a little creepy, a little hopeless, and a little closer to the grave himself.
First of all, he broke the "three things" comedy rule by mentioning four things. Secondly, Mary Todd Lincoln. IITL!

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