Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ow! My Balls!

Mike Judge is a-comin' out with a new movie next year. Check out some guys review of the screenplay.


Anonymous said...

High Level Overview
• Perl tooling on Morgan Stanley's server farm to build toolsto hyperscale and to improve our ability to provide self-service to our customers
• Focus on maintenance and improvement of the operations processes
• Documentation and process improvement working with remote ops teams
• Engineering escalations to deal with problems from the ops teams
Developer needed to implement complex automations using Perl, scripting and BMC’s Atrium Orchestrator.  In addition to strong scripting and admin skills, the candidate will be required to become an expert in the various aspects of the third party vendor product. Knowledge of the Morgan Stanley environment is strongly preferred. The candidate must be able to recognize the business requirements and configure the product to integrate into Morgan Stanley central services such as NetCool, Service-Now and various referential data sources (typically in Sybase or DB2). The candidate will work with clients of the system to build flows and establish best practices to ensure quality control and stability of the core system as changes are submitted from disparate teams.
Required skills
• Solid experience in Perl
• Proficient in Linux/Solaris/Windows, including scripting and an understanding of process management
• An understanding of high availability and clustering technologies
• A strong understanding of XML
• Strong verbal and written skills required to interact with a global teams and customers
• Ability to work with customers, gather requirements, and own the task of finding solutions
• Strong presentation and documentation skills
• An solid understanding of change management processes
Desired skills
• Java programming experience
• YAML experience
• Experience with BMC Atrium Orchestrator

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